The Bodyologist: A Unique Fitness Studio with Fitness Classes for One

When I started the Bodyologist, my first goal was to make it a different kind of fitness studio that offers different kinds of individualized “fitness classes.” And that’s because, in my opinion, the ways in which we all think of exercise is outdated—especially when it comes to personalized fitness. So while the Bodyologist may seem like just another personal training company, it’s not. And here’s why…

Fitness Classes Uniquely Designed for You

These days, when it comes to exercise, we all know the general basics. Cardio workouts like running, the bike, the rowing machine, or an aerobics class help you improve heart health and increase stamina. While strength training builds muscle tone, helps to improve your metabolism, and can help shape your body. This is all true. But when you walk into an exercise class or step onto the treadmill, are you working out for your unique body? Probably not. Before founding the Bodyologist, I discovered that my clients came to me not just to lose weight or improve their health, but also because their workouts weren’t effective for them. Many are surprised to learn that there is an individuality to exercise. That’s why following exercise trends or copying a friend’s routine doesn’t always yield the results you’re looking for. 

In my initial consultation with a client, we thoroughly discuss not just their fitness history, but also what their life is like. This way I can ensure that the individualized fitness classes that I design for them are tailored to what, in my years of experience, will help garner the results they’ve been looking for. Clients are amazed at how tweaking an exercise or shifting the types of cardio they are doing can help fast track their results and motivate them to push on further.  

A Fitness Studio Led by Experts

For me, the Bodyologist isn’t just a name, it’s a mission. Any word with “ology” at the end denotes a kind of study and that’s what I’m committed to—the study of the body and how it moves. In my experience, I’ve found that all too often, gyms are staffed with personal trainers who train clients as a side gig. And while they may have a lot of knowledge and experience, it isn’t their passion. Therefore, they might lack the voracious curiosity required in order to truly stay current in the ever-changing fitness industry landscape. I never tire of learning new techniques, of pursuing a better understanding of the latest exercise science news, or of networking with other experts in the field. It’s what my Bodyologist clients deserve and can count on. It’s also why they will never receive cookie cutter workouts from me.  

Recover Like You Mean It

I would have to say that in my many years as a personal trainer, the most important thing that I have learned is the value of exercise recovery and stretch therapy. Getting certified in techniques like Fascial Stretch Therapy has been the most significant part of my education in the last few years. It reshaped my understanding of how stretching can not only support a person’s fitness practice, it can also improve their health overall. This recovery component is an integral piece of what makes the Bodyologist a “fitness studio” unlike any other. 

If you want to not only get in better shape, but to gain a greater understanding of your body, check out the Bodyologist. Together, we will have you achieving your wellness goals in no time.