Fitness Classes are in Session: The Upper Body

Everyone out there already knows that the Bodyologist is all about providing its clients with up-to-date, science-backed workouts and stretch therapy. That constant thirst for education and learning is not just to my benefit, it is also so that I can impart what I learn to every Bodyologist client. My goal when I work with someone is to help them reach their physical health goals, while also teaching them what they need to know about their body in order to understand how to continue living well. To that end, I’ve decided to use today’s blog to share some important information about the body, so that when you are working out on your own, you have the knowledge you need to workout mindfully and with purpose. Fitness class is in session!

Today’s focus will be on the upper body. Don’t worry, I won’t overwhelm you with information about every single muscle. I’ll limit it to three big ones: the triceps, the biceps, and the deltoids. These are three major muscle groups that should absolutely be included in your upper body (or full body) strength training days.

The Triceps

Ever see someone hold out their arm and hit the flap of skin that hangs on the bottom part of their underarm? Well, that’s where the triceps are! 

The correct anatomical name for it is tricep brachii. It’s the muscle on the dorsal (back) portion of the upper arm and it’s one of the reasons you can extend your forearm at your elbow.  

Exercises for Your Triceps

Here are some exercises that can help give this muscle some love. If any of these exercises are unfamiliar to you or you’re not sure how to do them correctly, I highly recommend you speak to a certified fitness instructor first. They can give you the proper technique you need to ensure you don’t put yourself at risk for injury. Better yet, book some live fitness classes with the Bodyologist!


Skull Crushers

Bench Press

Push-ups (Note: these can be done either with your legs straight out or you can modify them by putting your knees down.)

Pull Downs

The Biceps

The easiest way to think about the bicep is by picturing the old Popeye cartoons where he flexes his arm muscles and that big bulge pops up on his upper arm (though maybe I’m dating myself!). 

The anatomical name for the bicep is biceps brachii and it is located on the front of the arm. It’s a large muscle that does a few things. Whereas the triceps help to extend the forearm at the elbow, the bicep helps to bring the forearm toward you. The bicep is also the reason you can turn your palm so that it faces upward.  

Exercises for Your Biceps

Here are some exercises you can do to help strengthen this muscle. You’ll see that they are pretty much all related to doing different kinds of curling motions; however, each one is a little bit different. But remember, if this is all new to you, you should definitely ask for an assist from a fitness professional. 

Barbell Curl

Hammer Curl

EZ Bar Preacher Curl

EZ Bar Reverse Curl

Standing Dumbbell Curl

The Deltoids

How far can you stretch your arms out to the side?  If you can do it even a little bit, you are using your deltoids. 

Your deltoids consist of three parts: the front deltoid, the medial deltoid, and the rear deltoid. They are located right over the shoulder joint.  

Exercises for Your Deltoids

If you’re looking to get those shapely, rounded shoulders, then you should definitely strengthen and tone the deltoids. Here are some exercises to start doing just that (with the help of a trainer or the Bodyologist if needed). Note that the exercises that have an asterisk were also listed on the exercise list for your triceps. This means they can work both muscle groups at the same time!

Barbell Upright Row


Dumbbell Front Raises


Lateral RaisesAnd there you have it. Three very important muscle groups on your upper body. Remember, cardio is important, but strength training is equally important. So if you haven’t brought weightlifting into your workout routine already, go ahead and get started. And while “fitness classes” via a blog are fun, if you’re serious about your goals, contact us to get set up with a comprehensive Sweat Better session that is specifically tailored to your body.